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Dear my lovely readers~

If you're interested to contribute and share your precious pieces of poems or ideas, you may submit here. I would be honor to accept every submission. You may put your name, date and your location. =)

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Hi semua pembaca~

Sekiranya anda berminat untuk mengabadikan dan berkongsi puisi anda dengan semua pembaca lain, anda boleh hantar di sini. Saya sangat berbesar hati untuk menerima  kiriman anda (^_^). Kalau boleh letakkan sekali nama, tarikh dan lokasi anda supaya pembaca boleh kenal penulisnya =)

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VJ said...

The Solitary Cycle
The sound of rain on a cloudy evening

Tyres spin on wet gravel roads

The driver is deep in mourning

Avoiding the pot-hole filled roads

A dark and damp foul weather

Both outside and inside

His misery was no other

Fueled by the negative inside

Time would change things or him

Neither happened in a solitary cycle

Make believe smiles became him

A downward spiral in a solitary cycle

She came to him one morning,

One lonely rainy morning

We got to stop our mourning

Pick it up and get on moving

No positive response ever came

Only a long bleak pause,

No mellifluous tones ever came

Only the sound of silence in cause

Pumping sounds of bass hit the head

This time, it’s going to be for real

No one’s going to be dead

But the dead feeling is for real

On a long and lonesome highway,

Where the wild things hide,

He’s long gone, off on his way

Where the weak ones hide

Sometimes you got to go away

To find yourself.

- Vijaya Balan, 1 Sept 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia